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Web Application Development

Microservices and API Development

  • Providing implementation choices for microservices such as Java, Node JS, Python and others.

  • Exposing microservices to front ends using API Connect.

  • Building microservices through APIs behind mobile and web applications.

  • Deploying microservices using different cloud workload patterns such as Docker, Cloud Foundry, Apache etc.

  • Creating resilient microservices through the use of clustering, auto scaling, failover and disaster recovery.

  • Using key services for front-end applications such as mobile analytics, push notifications, content management, and others.

  • Faster time to market Individual microservices can be developed in parallel by various teams, leading to more rapid application development.

  • Providing support and guidance for operating, monitoring, and managing microservice-based applications.

Technologies We Use

We Choose The Best Technology Which Suits You And Deliver A High Grade Product.
Backend Frameworks
CMS Tools
Database Development

Mobile Application Development

Go Mobile, Become Agile

In today's era, 80% of businesses are mobile friendly. To let your business reach its height, you ought to compete with your competitors. What if their business already has a mobile app that is popular among your targeted audience? Thinking how you can stand neck to neck with your competitors? The best solution is to consult an expert mobile application development company.

Complete Mobile App Development Solutions

We follow an architecture that correctly amalgamates various aspects of mobile app development process (sporadic connectivity, device form factor, variable bandwidth, user experience, and multi-platform support) and delivers you a “Complete Mobile App Solution”.

Whether it is cloud or on-premise system, we develop frictionless UX for your mobile app with high-grade performance and security.

digital strategy signity solutions

Digital Strategy

We build a digital strategy that accurately measures your mobile development spend and the cost to acquire and retain your mobile users.

ipad iphone android signity

iPad, iPhone & Android

As a top iOS app development agency, we have created polished mobile apps for every industry delivering more than 200+ mobile applications in the App Store for every device.

UI UX Signity

Intuitive User Interface

We develop and design creative, and innovative mobile apps that have the ability to clearly announce your brand story and leave a mark on the audience.

Technologies We Use

We Choose The Best Technology Which Suits You And Deliver A High Grade Product.
Backend Frameworks
CMS Tools
Database Development

IoT(Internet Of Things)

Consulting and solution development
Intelligent platforms
Connected devices
Vertical application
End to end syetem integration
Testing managed services and support

Maintenance and support

Specific-Group believes the only way to maximize efficiency and minimize issues is through regular support. After the development process, we begin the maintenance stage so that your product continues to operate at high levels. Specific-Group sets up scheduled updates that will help guarantee your system or application stays in tune with new technology. This keeps your entire infrastructure running smoothly.

24/7 Monitoring & Server Maintenance

Our system administrators can monitor your website infrastructure 24/7/365 and respond to any issues as they arise.

Websites, web applications and APIs are in some ways similar to physical infrastructure. They require upkeep, monitoring, and maintenance to stay in optimal condition. The only difference between a building and a website, however, is that a website can simply blow up with almost no notice. If that happened to your building, you'd be looking at a large insurance claim.

Luckily, on the web, it's often easy enough to mitigate these outages with some planning and recover quickly if the worst does happen. Of course, that is if you have planned correctly. Our service offering is a holistic approach that includes not just monitoring, but regular software updates, security scans, and upgrades to avoid worst-case scenarios. Our monitoring packages are looking at your site performance on a regular basis trying to pre-determine any issues. And, if the worst case happens, our team responds within 15 minutes, guaranteed.

Agile Maintenance Retainer

We've developed a client / vendor model that allows for ongoing support, maintenance and consultitive guidance without monthly commitments.

Agile maintenance allows you to have the resources of an agency available to you when needed, without monthly commitments.

Our dedicated maintenance team is focused on providing you the support you require, to augment your existing digital efforts. Were committed to providing fast, reliable maintenance and continuous improvement services. Find out how we approach ongoing relationships:

How does agile website maintenance work?

Agile website maintenance is much like a legal retainer. As opposed to a monthly commitment, you make an initial deposit into an account, from which any requested changes or improvements will be drawn on the basis of time spent. By doing this, clients can maintain an agency relationship without large, ongoing commitments.

How does agile maintenance work day-to-day?

All ChMod maintenance clients will be serviced by our account services team. You will be assigned an account manager who will manage your day to day requirements and requests. All services provided by ChMod are available for maintenance - design, development, administration, content creation, etc.

To submit requests, you simply email your account representative or submit a ticket to our helpdesk. Custom CMS and WordPress users can have the helpdesk installed directly into their CMS admin panel for quick and easy access. Our team will reply with a confirmation that the task was received, and either act on the request or provide more information for you to choose how you'd like to proceed.

Monthly Website Maintenance & Support Retainers

Having a team available to continuously improve your site or application is possible with our web maintenance retainer arrangements.

Most agencies are not equipped to handle maintenance. They'd rather focus on large-scale endeavors, and when complete, move onto the next project.

At ChMod, we have created a systematic and effective methodology for handling ongoing, continuous improvements, with a focus on consultative assistance rather than just order-taking. Were committed to providing fast, reliable maintenance and continuous improvement services. Find out how we approach ongoing relationships:

How do web maintenance retainers work?

We structure our ongoing web maintenance retainers based on the concept of a "virtualized employee" which we like to call our "ultimate digital employee". This behaves much like a timeshare for vacation rental - you don't invest in the entire property but rather on a fraction that you will use. Clients can choose how much effort of a virtualized employee they require on a monthly basis, such as .1, .25, .5 or 1 virtualized employee. Why are they "virtualized"? Because they aren't a single person, but rather a collection of our entire team, made available to you

How do web maintenance retainers work day-to-day?

All ChMod maintenance clients will be serviced by our account services team. You will be assigned an account manager who will manage your day to day requirements and requests. All services provided by ChMod are available for maintenance - design, development, administration, content creation, etc.

System Administration

A server is like a car - one well maintained will run better.

Having a dedicated server or infrastructure brings responsibility. We can handle your maintenance needs

Why do I need a system administrator?

Many hosting providers today are selling "slices". Each of these slices function as individual, virtualized servers. However, the hosting providers leave you alone to manage and monitor the software on the server. In these cases, having a team of experts available to give you peace of mind is essential.

What services do you provide?

This can vary based on requirements. We offer 24/7/365 support, backups, or just routine maintenance.

How does it work?

First, our team will evaluate your current situation, and make a plan to upgrade and secure what you do have installed. From there, we'll evaluate what ongoing commitment your infrastructure will require to run effectively and most of all, securely.

Cloud Delivery

Agile Development

  • We follow the Agile development methodology which is an iterative, team-based approach to development.

  • As the customer you will be involved all along in the development process.

  • Agile provides a way to quickly create a basic version of the working software which can be updated and added onto in successive iterations.

Technology Operations

Managed Services

  • Application & Infrastructure Management Services
  • Security Management
  • Cloud Management Services


  • Standardized Processes for Assured Services
  • Continuous Improvements & Cost takeout

Flexible Pricing Models

  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Alignment with Business Goals

Business Visibility

  • Service Prioritization based on Business Needs
  • Verticalized Solutions


  • SaaS-Verification
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Migrations
  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Process Transformation

TechOps Services

Technology Expertise

  • DevOps
  • Database
  • Messaging System
  • Cloud
  • Networking & Security

IMSD Service Offering

  • Consulting Services
  • Project Services

Delivery Architecture

  • Service Management
  • Database Management
  • Management Network
  • Management Security
  • Management Asset
  • Management Helpdesk
  • Management Vendor

Sustenance Services

  • Service Desk/Help Desk
  • Server and Database
  • Backup and Restoration
  • Applications and Storage
  • Mail and Messaging
  • Network and Security
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise Management System

Other IT Services

Backend Services

A backend service defines how Cloud Load Balancing distributes traffic. The backend service configuration contains a set of values, such as the protocol used to connect to backends, various distribution and session settings, health checks, and timeouts. These settings provide fine-grained control over how your load balancer behaves. If you need to get started quickly, most of the settings have default values that allow for easy configuration.

Strategy & Consulting

Architecture, Design Patterns, Scalability and Performance, Integrations, Migrations


Product and Solution Development, Microservices development, Cloud Migration Automations, B2B and B2C integrations, ERP implementations

Technical Services

Data Migrations, Cloud Migrations, Automations, Bot development

Accelerators & Frameworks

Notification Engine, Activity Engine, ZPMS, Translation Engine.

Data Migrations

Data Migration is the changes in data between storage types, formats, or software systems. It should be a key consideration for any system implementation, rise or consolidation. In an ideal world, it would be performed programmatically to make an automated migration. The fact is that migration experts are the most important part of the process when it is business or time-critical.

Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative

Complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication from day one. We are available when you need us and continually updating you on your project’s status.

Data Migration Experts

ChMod provides a full suite of data migration services delivered by seasoned data migrations consultants and specialists and able to handle even the most robust, demanding and complex of data migration needs.

Experience Led & Outcome Focused

We help brands understand the role digital can play in realizing strategic opportunities and solving real world business problems, always keeping the focus on the customer's experience and the results generated.

Proven & Trusted Delivery Methods

Using agile methodology, always keeping you in the loop. Streamlined delivery, cost effective engagements, designed to match your goals, your timeline and your budget.

Platform Development and Solutions

Platform Development Includes

  • Large scale platform development
  • SaaS/PaaS based Application Development
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • SaaS based CMS Development
  • Reusable components and microservices
  • Low cost deployment
  • Multi Model DB, NewSQL, Graph DB based development

Benefits of platform

digital strategy signity solutions digital strategy signity solutions



digital strategy signity solutions digital strategy signity solutions


Rapid Development

digital strategy signity solutions digital strategy signity solutions

Ease to Use

Rich Functionality